About Us

Founder Vincent Cubitt

Vincent Cubitt is a Transformational Guide, Retreat Coordinator and Founder of The Well-Being Sanctuary.

As a transformational guide, he facilitates a shift in awareness that allows you to find your authentic voice and empowers you to create the life you want.

As we develop our awareness of this process we realise that our suffering has a purpose and that our relationships with one another and the physical world hold the potential to set us free.

The path leads…. 

  • from disharmony, dis-ease and survival to health, happiness and abundance
  • from dependence and NEED to autonomy and freedom from SUFFERING

This is the journey we all have to make.

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Founder Mariette Carstens

Mariette is a Conscious Parenting Coach, Retreat Facilitator, Holistic Behaviour Therapist and Homeopath. 

She supports families in their transitioning from the old parenting paradigm of chaos, compliance and control, to the new parenting paradigm of a co-creative partnership. She has a online Conscious Parenting Course called From Havoc to Harmony at Home. To learn more about this life changing course click on the link. From Havoc to Harmony Conscious Parenting Online Course

She holds space for transformational retreats and hosts Conscious Festivals with luxurious glamping on the land. We offer a family friendly healing space, that is safe and sacred, for those looking to find themselves, each other, community, and belonging.