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UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025

Discover the deeper layers of your own consciouness

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There is nothing as close to us as humans as our own breath. The first thing we do at birth is to breathe in and with the exhalation of our last breath we leave life again. Working as a Breathing Coach is learning to work with the most fundamental aspect of yourself and everyone else. Our breathing pattern tells us a lot about how we generally feel. As a breathing coach you can help clients get to know themselves better, support them in processing mental and emotional blockages and promote their physical condition.

Becoming a breathing coach is a special journey. As a breathing coach, you facilitate clients’ transformation processes through breathwork. You develop insight and learn how mental and emotional blockages, behavioral patterns, trauma develop and what the steps are to transform and process these. You understand the survival mechanism of the personality and provide tools that give the client the opportunity to create more space for themselves and others. You have the right knowledge and practical tools to guide someone to live in relaxation while living life to the fullest and fully participating in contemporary society.

The breathing coach training is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about breathwork and explore the possibilities that breathwork offers. While you learn this special profession, you will learn a lot about yourself during this course and it is a journey for you as a participant.

If you want to apply breathwork professionally in addition to your own work as a therapist, then this training is very suitable. It may also be that you want to take the course but don’t really know what you want to do with it yet. You may want to use it especially for yourself and your loved ones. During the training it will quickly become clear what is possible as a breathing coach.

Join us for our next Breathwork Course in South Africa at the Well-Being Sanctuary, on the Garden Route.

Date: 10 to 23 March 2025

Duration: 14 days intensive

€1895 (Including accommodation and 2 meals a day).



I did my Breathwork facilitator training with Marvin.
It was just amazing and life changing. We had Breathwork session every day, and you could see the result's day by day from the classes and sessions.
The pranayama and meditation in the morning calmed and set an intention for the whole day. I could realize a huge trauma that I carried with me and I really wanted to go there and I did. I changed, my mindset changed. We’re not aware how much our breath is doing for and in us. Becoming the knowledge about make you become more aware of your actions. Marvin had a lot of knowledge and wisdom. We didn’t learn just breathwork… We learned tools and skills to go in the right direction in life every day and I am so grateful for this journey. I can highly recommend the Breathwork course. If you think about it you stepped already in the right direction. Let Marvin guide you!

Marvin, thank you for sharing and teaching, or better for your guidance and your energy. So much LOVE for you!

Daan: My journey with Umoyah to become a Breathwork Coach was an amazing, intense, deep, meaningful and beautiful journey all at the same time. Marvin is a great and knowledgeable teacher and an amazing breathwork coach. I'm very greatful that this breathwork course came on my path because breathwork is such a powerful tool and it can connect you with your True Self and so much more... Thanks once more for organising this beautiful course here in Rishikesh, India and for the 2 amazingly interesting weeks. Namaste

Tomer: The teaching is amazing, the experience is powerfull, going deep in to healing and becoming more aware. I highly recommend.

Sharon: A few years ago, I got in touch with Marvin and breath coaching, which has truly made a positive change in my life. Umoyah is a wonderful place to find peace, practice breathing, and gain valuable lessons in personal development and self-growth. After three years, I pursued training as a breath coach, providing profound insights into the spiritual and scientific aspects of breathing techniques. The connected breathing method is a tool I use when I need a moment for self-reflection—a sort of self-check-in. What's beautiful is that I can now apply it to others and myself, genuinely transforming my life. It's a technique and experience that I carry with me always and can utilize whenever needed. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to dedicate time to themselves and earnestly delve into the practice and benefits of breathing!

Come experience the power of breath for yourself.

UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 Photos

UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025 UMOYAH - Breathwork Course 2025

What our friends say

A most magical destination, filled with loving and supportive facilitators. The combination of land, water, trees, energy and safe space of love and compassion. I cannot recommend this location enough, please do yourself a favour and visit the Well-Being Sanctuary.
Wow what a magical place! I’ve been here for a number of festival and even a wedding. It’s out of this world! The setting of the wedding ceremony overlooking the vast lake with the sun setting in the distance over the lake was magical and so romantic. It’s a fabulous setting for festivals too or even just for a break away week or weekend on your own or with family and friends. We loved swimming in the warm waters of the beautiful lake. The forest walks were enchanting! The facilities are great and the service of the team there is excellent, responsive and friendly. I really recommend this place, it’s a hidden gem
I have been to the WBS many times. It feels like home. Tranquillity, nature, lake. Comfortable glamping. Peace.
Love this place. So very special! The serene beauty. I love the ethos and respect for the land. Thank you Mariette for being such a fantastic host.
The Wellbeing Sanctuary is a must visit for relaxing tranquility and restorative soul nourishment. One is immediately struck by the beautiful nature scenes, the abundant birds and their peaceful sounds - the fish eagle during the day, and the delicate nightjar in the evenings, their sounds remind one where you are, and forces your mind to acknowledge the peaceful setting with a soft smile and grateful heart. All you have to do is surrender to the beautiful surroundings and choose to experience all that the Wellbeing Sanctuary has to offer. I have been fortunate enough to visit the Wellbeing Sanctuary for a couple of festivals and retreats. Each time I feel the gratitude from my inner being for the restorative and relaxing medicine the land and its activities has to offer. From the most beautiful conversations to joyful fire dancing and energetic drumming, or a peaceful walk among the many forest and garden pathways, or even a swim in the beautiful lake - you are sure to feel yourself restored and energised to continue on your life path. Do yourself a favour, and visit the Wellbeing Sanctuary!
What a piece of paradise. Beautiful nature with amazing energy. Loved my stay here and looking very much forward to the next visit.
Well Being sanctuary is exactly what the name describes, A sanctuary of sacred serenity and abundant simplicity where Mother Nature gifts a beautiful balance of Earth, water, fire and air. My soul is nourished, revived and inspired after being there every time.
I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Well-Being Sanctuary and it exceeded all of my expectations. The glamping tents were luxurious and secluded, offering the perfect escape from the city. The views of the hills, forest, and lake were absolutely breathtaking, and the natural recreational activities available on the property were a highlight of my trip. I particularly enjoyed exploring the indigenous forest and spotting small buck tracks and other animals. The Sanctuary is also home to a wide variety of birds, including the beautiful Knysna Loeries. The lake provided the perfect spot for swimming and lounging on one of the four beaches. I also appreciated the option to bring my own kayak or stand-up paddle board to explore the lake at my leisure. The location of the sanctuary is also ideal, with easy access to the nearby towns of George and Knysna, as well as the Wild Oats Saturday Farmer's Market. The organic veggie garden and natural beekeeping walks were a nice bonus, and the clear shared hot showers were a welcome relief after a day of activities. Overall, I would highly recommend the Well-Being Sanctuary to anyone looking for a peaceful and rejuvenating getaway. The staff was friendly and the glamping was very comfortable and beautiful. I can't wait to return!
Wonderful serene place to get away from it all and connect with nature - and yourself. Glamping accommodation that is clean and comfortable and caters for every need. Off the beaten path but close enough to civilisation. Beautiful walking paths through indigenous forest, breathtaking views and insane sunsets. Ideal for nature lovers and bird watchers. Enjoying fireside chats, SUP’ing on the river/ lake, horse riding and reading. Highly recommended!
Such a sacred and beautiful land - with vistas beyond the imagination! Thank you for sharing it - so we can all Glamp / Camp, walk in the indigenous forest and swim in the salt water lake…